Tuition & Financial Aid


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  • Great Beginnings - 12-36 Months

    $1207.00 - 5 day
  • Preschool - 4th grade

  • Middle School (5th-8th Grade)

  • High School (9th - 12th Grade)



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  • Application Fee

    New Students (nonrefundable)


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  • Multi-Student

    $500.00 per student, each year
    Only available for full-time students (2 or more children) 
  • Goodpasture Referral

    $500.00 per new, enrolled student
    Only available for full-time students not on financial aid
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  • Full-Year Payment

    2.5% Tuition Reduction
    Only available for families paying annual tuition *in full by July 16, 2020
  • Goodpasture Alumni

    $1,000.00 per student
    Only available for full-time students their first year.

Financial Aid

Goodpasture Christian School believes that a Christian education is first and foremost a commitment and responsibility of the parents. We do however offer financial assistance to help offset the cost of tuition for students in kindergarten through 12th grade for families who demonstrate a need. In order to be considered for financial assistance, you must first complete the admissions process and be accepted. The Admissions Committee makes acceptance decisions well in advance of the financial aid process so that the aid request is not a factor in the admissions decision. A separate application for financial aid is necessary and is reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee, which is independent of the Admissions Committee. Need-based financial assistance is awarded annually and renewal is not automatic or guaranteed as funds may vary and family’s finances may change. Therefore, families are required to submit applications annually.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Financial Aid Process

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  • Who can apply for financial aid?

    Any family can apply for financial aid, but only students in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade that have completed the admissions process and have been accepted will be considered.
  • How do I apply for financial aid?

    Families must complete and submit all required documents to FAST.
  • When do I apply for financial aid?

    Goodpasture Christian School’s financial aid applications can be completed beginning February 1 of each year. The deadline for applications is March 1. It is recommended that the financial aid application be completed and all required documents submitted to FAST by this date. Although applications will be accepted after this date, it is possible that funds will be exhausted. All applications received after March 1 will be processed and put in a waiting pool.
  • How is financial aid awarded?

    Financial aid is awarded based on the need of the family. Goodpasture Christian School uses a third party, FAST by ISM, to calculate the amount a family can afford for a Christian education based on the information provided by the parent. Once the application is completed and all required forms are received by FAST, the financial aid committee receives a recommendation and uses internal guidelines to award financial aid to qualifying families.
  • When will I receive notification of a financial aid decision?

    Financial aid award notifications will be emailed to families no later than April 1. It is required that families respond to the award no later than April 7. Applications received after the March 1 deadline will be notified within 1 month of receiving all required documents.
  • Are there any restrictions on financial aid decisions?

    All financial accounts must be kept current. Each student is expected to abide by all guidelines and policies that are set forth in the student handbook.
  • Is Goodpasture Christian School required to comply with TSSAA?

    Yes. Goodpasture Christian School is required to report to TSSAA any athlete receiving financial assistance, what their financial need is and the amount of aid they are receiving.
  • Who do I contact for additional questions?

    You can contact Adrienne Simmons at or at 615-868-2600.

Admissions Office

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