Great Beginnings

In our Great Beginnings program, our children experience:

  • Bible Stories, prayer time, Christian values & respect 
  • Hands-on learning through a play-based curriculum year-round
  • Nurturing teachers who inspire growth and development in the early years
Other features of our program include classroom
cameras and digital updates of your child’s day. 
Our Great Beginnings program serves children 12 months through approximately 36 months of age. Our curriculum provides hands-on experiences, real-life adventures, and scientific discovery as the toddlers explore their world through play in the classroom. Our teachers provide excellent care for your toddler in a loving and nurturing environment while parents have the ability to check on their toddler through our in-room cameras and receive daily updates on their child through our Tadpole program.  


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  • Tracey Wiseman 

    Head of Preschool

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