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Choral Studios
The Goodpasture Chorus program caters to students at different skill levels, offering a range of exciting opportunities for musical growth. No matter which chorus you participate in, you'll have the chance to perform a wide range of music, from classical to today's hits. 

Performances take place in various venues, including churches, nursing homes, and school functions. All students have the opportunity to make annual appearances at music festivals and regional adjudications. Let your passion for music thrive in a modern, vibrant setting that caters to your musical and vocal aspirations!

Select Chorus: An auditioned high school level group, the Select Chorus is your ticket to advanced vocal mastery, teamwork, and artistic excellence. Imagine diving deep into a diverse world of music genres, all while thriving in a positive, motivational environment.

High School Chorus
: Ideal for students looking to strengthen their vocal prowess, musicality, and team spirit. Students explore a wide spectrum of techniques and styles in an inclusive, inspirational setting that nurtures their passion for music. 

Middle School Chorus
: This is a student's gateway to discovering and honing vocal skills, teamwork, and musicality. This chorus is available to all middle school students who will be surrounded by a community that encourages growth and fosters their love for music.

Elementary School Music
Preschool-5th grade students learn to express themselves through music, utilizing voice, instruments, and movement. These hands-on, active experiences help students develop a love of music while gaining performance knowledge, skills, and confidence. Throughout the school year, the music department presents several programs allowing students at every grade level the opportunity to perform for family and friends. Programs include solo and group performances, speaking, and acting parts. 

Digital Audio Recordings
Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of music appreciation and hands-on digital audio recording in our custom D.A.R. course. Uncover the foundations of musical terminology, listening skills, and interpretation while exploring the transformative art of audio production.

Seamlessly integrating historical context with modern culture, this course introduces the innovative online DAW "BandLab" and guides you through microphone techniques, editing, mixing, and mastering.

Gain a unique connection to music and the power to shape sound creatively, setting the stage for progression to Digital Audio Recording 1. All participating students will have access to professional equipment and hardware ranging from Mac, Mac Mini, BandLab, GarageBand, LogicPro, Digital Plugins, Wireless Mics, Condenser Mics, Ribbon Mics, Allen & Heath SoundBoard and Digital Snake, Mini Mixer, Midi Keyboard, External Hard Drives, XLR/Quarter Inch/Speaker Cabling, etc.
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